Long to experience the book of Acts? Want to lead people to Jesus? Desire to minister God’s healing power to the sick? Training believers to effectively share their faith? Starting an outreach program? Need a group study with a fresh approach to evangelism? Embracing the call to be Jesus to the world?

The Believer's Ministry

Most Christians consider it the job of the preacher to share the Gospel and get people saved. This was not the model of ministry that Jesus established but both full time ministers and believers seem satisfied. The ministers are revered as “special ones” and believers avoid their responsibilities. Everyone needs to embrace their calling and get busy doing their part of the Great Commission.

God’s Passion for People

The heart of God is for all people to come to know Him and what He has done for them in Christ. Above all things, His passion is for people to be restored to Him. Should that not be our passion?

The Gospel Defined

We must share the Gospel. Not only is knowledge of the Gospel essential for someone to be saved, but the Gospel has within it the power of God that brings about the transformation that the Bible calls salvation. Find out the essentials of the Gospel and how to share with others effectively in this session.

Doing the Works of Jesus

Jesus said that people who believe in Him will do the same works that He did. What are those works? Healing the sick, opening blind eyes, curing the incurable, casting out the devil, raising the dead, etc. He said we – believers - will do those same works. Unleash your life-giving potential in this session on doing His works His way.

The Power to Be a Witness

Jesus said that believers would receive POWER when the Holy Spirit came upon them and as a result, they would be WITNESSES. It was his intention that believers would prove the Gospel through the divine seal of miracles and supernatural gifts. Discover what that means for you in this session that will empower you to be a greater witness in your world.

How God Works With Us

God never intended for our evangelistic efforts to be solo affairs. His plan is to partner with us to reach our world. From Mark 16, we see that when the followers of Jesus went out to reach others, they were not alone nor were they depending on their own abilities. The Lord worked with them, enabling them to accomplish the assignment He had given them. As we are obedient to His commission, He works with us, and we are able to produce the same results that they did.

What Life-Givers Pray

When Jesus encountered multitudes of lost people, He was overwhelmed with compassion for them. His reaction? He told His followers to pray, and then He told them specifically what to pray. In this lesson, we outline seven categories of how to pray for the laborers.

The Face of Grace

The way we approach people impacts the way they receive us. Sometimes Christians seem condemning or “holier-than-thou” when reaching out to the lost, but that is not the example Jesus set for us. He never condemned sinners but approached them with grace and mercy. He had a “grace face.” You too should approach people with the face of grace and we set out to help you do just that in this session.

Get to know us

This I Give Life Course is from the pastors and people of Good News Church in Augusta, Georgia, USA, who have prayed with more than 20,000 people one-on-one to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior and experienced many miraculous healings like the ones recorded in the Gospels and Acts. In this course, we share what we have learned and some of our testimonies of giving life.

I Give Life Course

The I Give Life Course is perfect for churches, small groups, outreach ministries or individuals who want to maximize their ministry impact. The 4 DVD set is a must-have! The testimonies of ordinary believers doing extraordinary things will inspire everyone to reach out like never before and we give you the tools to do it with our CD full of PDF resources for printing. Order your course today and get started!

  • DVD 1: The Ministry of the Believer - God’s Passion for People
  • DVD 2: The Gospel Defined - Doing the Works of Jesus
  • DVD 3: The Power to Be a Witness - How God Works With Us
  • DVD 4: What Life-Givers Pray - The Face of Grace
  • CD: Contains PDF files for printing. Includes Outlines of Lessons, Activities for Lessons, The Road to Salvation Script, Working Miracles Script, Guidelines for Outreaches and more.

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  • "I realized that I have a ministry as a believer, and that God is counting on me to reach the people He brings across my path."

  • "My heart has always been to share my faith with others, but until I went through this course, I didn't know where to start or what to say - now I do!"

  • "To be honest, the thought of witnessing to people was scary! Once I heard these lessons and saw what these people were doing - and how simple it is - it gave me the courage I needed to be bold myself! "

  • "I've discovered that it's easy to work miracles and get people healed. God's just been waiting on us."

  • "I led my 85 year-old father to the Lord, and after we prayed, for the first time in my life he told me he loved me."

  • "Our ministry has used one of the testimonies from the IGiveLife Course all around the USA for our World Harvest Tour youth camps and retreats. The video stirs all of our students to action!"

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